Version and later may break compability with windows xp. In such case download an older version from here.

Download for windows version
Download for mac version 0.9.6

Windows: no installation.

  1. Download the rar file.
  2. Extract the 'Circular Media Player' folder somewhere in your computer, like 'Dekstop', 'Documents', or even in a flashdrive.
  3. Run the CircularMediaPlayer.exe file.
Just avoid to place the program in a folder like 'Program Files' because the program won't be able to save the playlist and any changes in the settings.


  1. Download the dmg file.
  2. Mount it.
  3. Copy the Circular Media Player app into your Applications directory.
First step after you've installed the application: in the tab online search for something to listen to and simply double click a result, or drag 'n drop it down in the 'view', and double click the circle created.