### Changed Qt (the framework used) from version 4.8 to 5, so no more "Phonon error!". Now every file can play!
+new tab: Last.fm. See your (or any other user's) loved tracks, weekly chart and tagged tracks.
+Last.fm integration: if you have you last.fm account set up, you can right click a circle and via Last.fm love it, or tag it.
note: in this release the adding files in the library functionality is broken. To be fixed.

#fixed a crash when draggin and dropping from the results table onto the view
+trying to fix vkontakte request flooding when many users use the program at the same time
#improving help screen... coming next: video showing step by step how to

+new search modes: tag top albums, artist top albums
+check for updates on program start
#fix:now in style.css file of a theme, you can use a file-image using it's relative path
#folder structure changes

+History shows the date a track got played (plus option to not add a related track that has played in the last N hours)
+new mouse shortcuts/modifiers (see help -> shortcuts) for deleting children/siblings, set as root, rotate children
+mac release :D

+New search modes: album, similar tracks (and quick access by right click->search->album or similar tracks)
+multiple select on tables! so drag the down (or over an existing node)
+show loading dots when waiting for a network reply
+when hovering, draw a background over node text (improves readability)
+right click -> search on google (useful! :) )

+Shuffle mode (plays forever a random track that exists in the view getting related automatically gets disabled) (options->shuffle)
+moving nodes changes.. reorder nodes on mouse release
+new options under options->preferences
+new svg image handling (better for theming)

#Fix: better handling vkontakte requests for source, now sending requests every v0.5 sec
+ animating circles movement
+ Shift+click a node to enqueue all the previous nodes
+ Help-> Shortcuts dialog

#FIX: fixed for no auto selecting source, eve though sources were founded ( right click -> sources had sources)
+right click -> search artist top track, search tag top tracks: click and in the tab online the search will be made
+testing: new app icon, help-> about dialog

+save/load playlist under File menu (plus auto save when closing, so when opening the application remembers its previous state)
+keyboard shortcuts: space for play/pause, ", ." for next/prev (buttons which when shifted are are  < >), "+ or =" and "-" for zooming in and out (a must for laptops with no mouse wheel strip on the touchpad)
+better behavior on sources: now right click track -> sources can list multiple local sources, plus a descriptive header is added

+Right click track/node to see the album in which this track is featured!
Enqueue all album tracks or one by one those you want (hover under the album(s) and wait while it's searhing online.. same goes to see the album tracks, hover over the album title and wait)

+Search modes:
	track/artist: old, normal behavior.
	artist:  type an artist's name and you will get the top tracks
	tag: type a tag (eg: jazz, dubstep, sexy etc, whatever you can think of really) and you get the tag's top tracks
#fix2: fixed bugs: playback stopping,not selecting source

+Arrows in the connection-lines! (showing the direction parent -> child)
+Theme/skin selection (menu Options->select theme)
+Selecting a source for a track: right click track/circle -> source
+Under the hood fixes

+Circles now use svg images for background (feel free to theme/hack this)
+Text drawing extends beyond the circle (an option might be added for this)
+New default theme

+Last.fm now playing better behavior
+Edit track dialog (right click edit).. when the title is misspelled and similar cannot be found, simply edit the artist, title fields

+search form buttons (clear, search) for a lazy guy who's away from keyboard (can't reach the enter O.o)
+Last.fm scrobbler
+Preferences get saved (inside options.ini file)
+Track gets added in history after 30 seconds have passed (maybe an option for this will be added)

+added preferences dialog (under menu->options)
+theme changes (icons can be changed, they're located under /style/img/)
+added context menu for right click in empty space (action to "Clear all")

+fixed stupid crash/lyrics retrieval loop

+better lyrics find (match artist - title), currently using lyrdb database only, TODO: search from more sources for lyrics

+Preliminary lyrics support (wrong lyrics maybe shown cuz search is based only in track title for now)

+Added options:
Just 1 option for now: set playing circle as root of the tree or not
(if not [default] the tree just keeps growing, right click ->set as root to reset it)


+fixed some crashing
+history now has source (should have like this from the beginning..)

+Added functionality for keyboard modifiers:
(shift+drag a circle to disconnect it from it's parent, and drop it over another to connect them!,
ctrl+drag a circle to make a copy of it -again drop it over another to connect)
+Added an option in the right click menu, to delete siblings
+fixed SOME crashing issues

+Added history! (in the simplest form for now)
+Fix: auto update library view when adding folders

+Better last.fm similar selection